Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Interested in receiving a more complete look at your internal health?

The Naturopathic Doctors at KIH use a wide variety of laboratory testing and assessments to help identify the root cause of our patients ailments. These tests are discussed during the visit with your ND and help to provide data required to develop effective and personalized treatment plans.   Read on for more information about the test(s) you are most interested in.  

Tests offered through our clinic include:

  • Blood work:  Lifelabs and gammadynacare:

    • Cholesterol and comprehensive cardiovascular assessment panels)

    • Blood sugar

    • Thyroid and female hormones

    • Kidney, liver function

    • Red and white blood cell analysis

    • Nutrient testing (vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, magnesium)

    • Autoimmune and Inflammatory markers

  • Comprehensive Hormone Analysis:  Blood or urine (the DUTCH test)

  • Food Sensitivity or Intolerances:

  • Stool Analysis for Digestive Function:

    • Comprehensive Stool Analysis by Doctor's Data or Genova Labs

    • GI map testing:  Assesses GI health, relies exclusively on quantitative polymerase chain reaction technology to detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more, by targeting the specific DNA of the organisms tested.

These tests are discussed during your initial assessment appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.  If there is one in particular that interests you, feel free to mention it when you meet with your doctor.

INSURANCE COVERAGE:  Blood work can often be covered by OHIP if ordered through your medical doctor.  They are also available through one of our Naturopathic Doctors however in this case it would be covered privately i.e. either through your health insurance plan or out of pocket.  All other tests can only be ordered privately.  Please note that the clinic NDs  will do what they can to help you get as much testing covered as possible and the related details will be discussed during your appointment.