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Thyroid Concerns

Is Your Thyroid Working Properly? 

Did you know that a tiny, butterfly shaped gland nestled in your throat is responsible for producing and regulating some of the most important hormones in your body? This mighty gland is called the thyroid, and while it’s relatively small in size, it plays a large role in our endocrine (hormone) system.

The thyroid gland produces hormones that interact with many other hormones (like insulin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).  When considering how intimately all hormones communicate with each other, it’s no wonder so many symptoms and diseases are tied to a poorly performing thyroid!

How does the thyroid gland work?

Almost all of the thyroid hormones are in an inactive form called thyroxine, or T4.  Most of the "active" thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine (or T3), comes from the conversion of T4 to T3 in different areas of the body, including liver, gut, brain and muscles.  T3 is then able to regulate many functions in the body including energy production and regulation of metabolism. When all systems in the body are working in harmony, the proper amounts of T4 and T3 are produced and efficiently used by the body. But if something is negatively affecting the thyroid or other organ systems in the body, this hormone balance gets disrupted and we start to experience various unpleasant symptoms. The type of symptoms is dependent on whether or not there is too much or too little thyroid hormone being produced, i.e. hypO (underactive) or hypER-thyroidism (overactive thyroid function).  In hypothyroidism the systems in the body slow down typically leading to weight gain, fatigue and a decreased body temperature. The opposite is true for hyperthyroidism where symptoms often include weight loss, heart palpitations, irritability, an elevated body temperature and anxiety symptoms.

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Let us help!

If you are like many suffers, you have likely surfed the internet looking for more information or an effective yet safe way to correct your thyroid function and and now feel more confused then you did before!  Our Naturopathic Doctors have extensive experience treating patients with thyroid concerns and can review up-to-date natural and effective treatment options to help you to feel your best.


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The First Step - A Complete Assessment

What is causing your thyroid to malfunction?  Is it a genetic predisposition,  nutritional deficiency or related to acute or chronic stress?  Our Naturopathic Doctors will conduct a complete health and lifestyle assessment to identify any predisposing and/or associated issues related to your specific thyroid issue.  They will then advise you on the relevant blood work required to uncover any associated nutritional deficiencies, biochemical or hormonal imbalances.  If additional testing is indicated over and above what has already been done, we will advise you accordingly.   


A Customized Treatment Plan

Once the core issues effecting your natural hormone balance have been identified, your naturopathic doctor will formulate a treatment plan for you that includes one or a combination of the following naturopathic treatments:

The Result?  Benefits of working to balance your thyroid hormones naturally often includes an improved sense of mental wellness and energy levels, decreased mental fogginess, optimal weight and if needed, better stress management skills leading to an improved sense of overall wellness.

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