Pain Free Living Is Possible

Are You Plagued by Pain and/or Injuries?

Finding a solution for pain is one of the number one reasons people make visits to see their doctor or healthcare practitioner. Common types include the following concerns listed below. Click on any that you would like more information on including the effective treatments used by the practitioner at KIH clinic:

  1. Back pain

  2. Shoulder injuries

  3. Arthritis

  4. Headaches

  5. Fibromyalgia

  6. Muscle strain injuries

  7. Premenstrual pain/cramps

What are my treatment options? 

Conventional approaches: 

A common treatment solutions for pain is medication. This typically includes muscle relaxants and/or anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. Although they may help temporarily, drugs have many side effects and do not provide long term relief. Furthermore, patients often overexert themselves when taking pain medication since their body's natural pain signal has been removed.

Complimentary Healthcare Options:

There are many effective treatments for pain which focus on treating the cause. Often rest, ice, regular aerobic exercise, core strengthening and weight loss are all peole need to relieve their pain. Sometimes in cases of severe or chronic pain, therapies are also helpful to speed up the healing process.

The following are effective therapies offered by KIH practitioners:
Our Chiropractic doctor is very well experienced in treating pain. He use a combination of soft tissue therapies and manipulations to correct vertebral and muscular misalignments.

Osteopathic therapies are also very helpful in treating acute and chronic pain. Osteopaths use more subtle techniques and adjustments to rebalance the patients musculoskeletal and physiological systems.

Massage therapy with a registered massage therapist is often used to relax tense muscles and ease spasm.

Other natural alternatives to medication include therapies such as medical acupuncture with electro-stimulation and active release therapy, shiatsu therapy or traditional acupuncture and hydrotherapy techniques. Natural remedies are often helpful in decreasing inflammation and thereby managing pain. Rehabilitation exercises or work modifications are also important to help prevent further injury.

Who We Have to Help You:

To read more about the practitioners who are trained in treating muscle injuries or to book an appointment click on the associated link:

Naturopathic Doctors
Chiropractic Doctor
Registered Massage Therapists
Osteopathic Practitioner
Shiatsu therapy and Acupuncturist

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