Angelica Necula,

Classical Homeopath and Certified Bowen Therapist

Angelica has lived in Maple, Canada for 16 years, where she has her private practice. She first learned about Homeopathy and Reiki Healing Energy about 20 years ago, in Europe. In 1996, she was diagnosed with a form of autoimmune disease, and homeopathy successfully addressed that health problem. In Canada, she graduated with honours from The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, as a Classical Homeopath.

Angelica is currently a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association. Having passed the rigorous assessment process of Ontario’s new regulatory body, The College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Angelica is registered to practice in Ontario (HOM), the first province in Canada to regulate the Homeopathic practice. Angelica is keeping her registration current through required continuing education and other ongoing yearly requirements.

As a Certified Bowen Therapist, she is practising the Bowen Technique - a gentle, yet extremely effective, form of physical therapy.

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