Job Posting - Naturopathic Doctor

October 2020

 Kleinburg Integrative Health is accepting naturopathic applicants for a part-time associate position.  We are a multi-disciplinary clinic located in Vaughan, ON and have been operating for close to 11 years.  The Kleinburg is quaint and beautiful and we are well known and highly regarded within the community.  Staff and practitioners a like find it a joy to come and work each day.  

General natuorpathic care skills along with a focus in pediatrics and/or oncology are assets for this position.



Position details:

  • 6 days/wk reception services and support

  • An in clinic and online supplement dispensary

  • EMR software providing online booking and charting (Jane app)

  • Clinic marketing bringing in regular new patients

  • Cross-referrals from existing multidisciplinary practitioners

  • An IV certified clinic with a compounding room and supplies provided

  • Naturopathic mentorship including treatment advice, marking and patient retention guidance

  • Fully furnished treatment room

Please forward your inquiries and CV