Does it Feel Like You're Always Fighting Something?

You Just Need the Right Ammo!

A healthy Immune system needs a healthy body and IV vitamin drips can help to provide just that.



Are more then one of the following true for you?

1. Less then optimal diet.

2. Often bloated and gassy.

3. Have take many courses of antibiotics due to frequent respiratory or other kinds of infections 

4. Have no time to get sick and take days on end away from work and family


IV vitamin C drips along with basic nutritional changes can help. It really is that easy!  The Naturopathic Doctors at KIH would be happy to help you.   Submit the form the right and we will get you started.


Vitamin Drips.  Easy to love.

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Think you need a more complete approach?


We also offer have a treatment plan that includes lifestyle and nutritional changes, read more here:   KIH Immune Care

Who We Have to Help You:

Here are our practitioners ready to help you with this plan:

Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND

Dr. Polina Mak, ND

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