Immune Boost Vitamin Drip

Does it seem like you are constantly getting sick or that it takes forever to get over an infection once one sets in? 

Would you like to make your immune system as strong as it can be to ward off pesky or more serious infections?  If so, this IV vitamin drip treatment is the one for you!

Your immune system is responsible for how you respond to viruses, bacteria and other microbes, so it makes sense to focus your efforts on increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals it requires to function at an optimal level.  Our IV vitamin solution contains a blend of immune strengthening ingredients including vitamin c, selenium and zinc, all delivered to your body while you sit comfortably in our private IV therapy suite. 

If your weak immune system is more of a chronic issue, you may benefit from the more complete approach to immune care we offer. This includes lifestyle and nutritional recommnedations in addition to the IV treatments.  You can read more about it here:

KIH's Complete Immune Care Plan

IV Therapy

How We Can Help

You will start by receiving an individualized assessment by one our our IV- certified Naturopathic Doctors (NDs). They will identify the safety of the treatment as well as your specific nutrient needs by conducting a physical exam, asking pertinent questions related to your current health and health history, and also obtaining related blood test results (either those already available, or new ones if needed). Once this information is collected, your ND will discuss with you which ingredients they recommend for your vitamin drip treatment along with all of the associated pro's and con's. After this time, you may receive a treatment that typically runs for approximtely 25-45min. Future follow up appointments will be recommended based on your current and future health goals. Typically there are 3-6 treatments advised however that can vary based on various individual factors.

The Result?

This IV treatment plan typically results in a swift transition towards consistently better immune and overall health including improved energy levels and productiveness at home and work. A healthy immune system starts with a healthy body.  We can help you get back to feeling better, faster!  Call or click below to schedule a free meet and greet or first appointment.

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