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Are You Having Difficulty Conceiving?

To some couples dismay, it is not always as easy to create a new life as we wish to believe.  Did you know that it takes most couples 6 months to 1 year to get pregnant the first time? 

What can effect your ability to conceive?  Many factors may contribute including genetic disorders, various hormone related conditions (e.g. PCOS) and/or lifestyle factors such as smoking, stress and poor nutrition.  However in some cases though it is just a matter of learning more about the female cycle and knowing when ovulation occurs (depending on the app you use, it may not always be accurate!). 

At KIH we work with couples to help identify the unique factors impacting their ability to conceive and provide gentle, natural treatments to remove any obstacles. Read on below for more information about our approach to fertility care.  You can also book an appointment or free consult to have any preliminary questions answered by one of our naturopathic doctors.

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The First Step - A Complete Assessment

We sometimes forget that it takes two people to successfully create a new life! Therefore taking into account both a males and females health is equally important.  This investigation includes a health history, review of current lifestyle factors, supplements or medications taken and often laboratory tests including nutrient levels, cholesterol and if indicated, hormone testing. Hormone can be assessed through the blood or urine and during your first appointment we advise our patients on what their best option is. For a female we will also conduct an extensive analysis of her cycle to identify any hormonal irregularities that may be present.


A Customized Treatment Plan

Once the core issue have been identified, your naturopathic doctor will formulate a treatment plan for you that includes one or a combination of the following naturopathic treatments:

The Result?  In addition to improving your ability to conceive a baby, there are many other benefits of improving your overall health and hormone levels naturally.  These often include improved energy levels, sleep, digestion, optimal weight and better stress management skills leading to an overall improved sense of fullfillment and self-empowerment. This natural approach is complimentary to conventional medical treatments received at a fertility clinic and also acts as a stand alone approach, depending on what your unique situation is.

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