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Time To Improve The Health Of Your Heart? 

Did you know that if all forms of heart disease were eliminated, your average life expectancy would increase by almost 7 YEARS?!  Unfortunately, despite efforts to lead a healthy life, other factors like genetics or stress can lead to suboptimal heart health. If you have heart disease concerns (e.g. abnormal cholesterol and blood sugar levels), or are eager to prevent them from developing, there are many effective natural treatments to consider that do not involve medication to consider. 

If you are concerned about your heart health and unsure about which approach or combination of approaches is right for you, then let our Naturopathic Doctors help!  We have long standing experience treating cardiovascular concerns and can review up-to-date natural treatment options with you that are effective and long-lasting.

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The First Step - A Complete Assessment

What is causing you to have cardiovascular issues?  Are there preventable triggers (e.g. weight loss, diabetes, hormone issues), is it a genetic predisposition or related to acute or chronic stress?  The Healthy Heart plan, led by our Naturopathic Doctors, includes the following:

  • A complete health and lifestyle review to identify your overall cardiovascular risk

  • A complaint-oriented physical exam

  • Waist to hip measurements and body composition testing

 They will  also advise you on the relevant blood work or additional testing required to uncover any associated nutritional deficiencies, biochemical or hormonal imbalances.  The relevance and pro's and con's of each test will be discussed.  

A Customized Treatment Plan

Treating heart disease can help to prevent serious and life-threatening complications.  Once the core issues have been identified, your Naturopathic Doctor will formulate a treatment plan based on the most up-to-date information available regarding the best lifestyle and nutrition and supplement practices. This will include one or a combination of the following:

You will also receive follow appointments which are spread out and conducted to reassess your progress and re-measure your waist:hip circumference and body composition.  Regular modifications to your plan along with continual support and encouragement will be provided so you can stay on track to acheiving long lasting cardiovascular wellness.

The Result?  Benefits of working to improve the health of your heart naturally are life long.  Engaging in the healthy lifestyle practices we recommend for our patients often leads to a better state of mental health, increased energy levels, improved body composition, more effective stress management skills and an improved overall sense of optimal health and wellness.


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