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Do you feel like there are only a couple of hours throughout the day when you actually feel energetic?   If it seems like you can never get enough sleep or that it's like torture trying to get out of bed in the morning, then this is the treatment for you.

There are several reasons why some people have chronically low energy levels. These include nutrient deficiencies, poor diet, low thyroid levels or other hormone imbalances, insomnia and as a result of various mood disorders.  Chronicly excessive stress is due to trauma, grief or a very busy lifestyle is often the culprit due to the effect it has on your stress glands (i.e. the adrenals) and daytime hormone, cortisol.   Symptoms of cortisol dysregulation can vary from person to person but most commonly it includes, fatigue and fogginess, irritability, mood swings, frequent urination, food cravings and difficulty loosing or maintaining weight.  If you are suffering from adrenal dysfunction due to chronic stress, it often takes time, patience and specialized guidance in order to repair and restore proper function. 

IV vitamin drips are very helpful not only by giving quick energy lifts, but also in the road to recovery for those suffering from more chronic issues. Call us or schedule an appointment below to find out more or set up your first appointment.



IV Therapy

How We Can Help

You will start by receiving an individualized assessment from one our our IV- certified Naturopathic Doctors (NDs). They will identify the safety of the treatment as well as your specific nutrient needs by conducting a physical exam, asking pertinent questions related to your current health and health history, and also obtaining related blood test results (either those already available, or new ones if needed). Once this information is collected, your ND will discuss with you which ingredients they recommend for your vitamin drip treatment along with all of the associated pro's and con's. After this time, you may receive a treatment that typically runs for approximtely 25-45min. Future follow up appointments will be recommended based on your current and future health goals. Typically 3-6 treatments are advised however that may vary from person to person.

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