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Top 10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier You

#6 Happy B

by Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND
April 2020

Let's take a moment to focus on how to to increase your happiness. You’ve got this! How do I know? Because we’re going to work together on making sure you know exactly what to do in order to be your best self.

Here’s a quick list of simple, proven tips that can help. Of course, when you’re making changes like these, it’s important to start off with realistic expectations. Remember that new habits can take a while to “click.” (One study found that 66 days is the average time to establish a new habit, although there’s a wide variation.) So be patient with yourself. Don’t give up if you have little slips now and then. You’re only human, after all.  Read full article.

Experience Quality Relaxation with Aromatherapy


by Dorota Lombardi,
Registered Massage Therapist a
nd Certified Aromatherapist Healthcare Practitioner

April 2020

Spring is upon us and very soon we will be enjoying the abundance of beautiful flowers that will bloom in the coming months! My biggest hope for you is that you get to enjoy these flowers and then come and tell us all about what you love about them! We would love to hear it as knowledge about our clients is power for us here at KIH!

Smell goes a long way in creating new memories and feelings. Knowing these feelings will become very helpful for you in your own self-care and also for treatment here at the clinic if you chose to have an aromatherapy treatment.

Read full article.

Health Break

Coronavirus Notice

We have created a clinic communication regarding the novel Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China (2019-nCoV).  While the current risk to Canadian travellers and Canada is considered to be low; we will continue to review updates from Public Health Ontario on infection control practices and keep you informed as Susan Slipacoff, B.Kin, ND
February 2020

Please read the article to inform yourself on interesting facts, statistics as well as recommendations on how to stay protected. 

Read full article.


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