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Do We Need To Detox?

by Dr. Sarah Tayebi, ND,
April 2021

Based on Naturopathic and holistic beliefs, health is restored by improving vitality. Vitality is our body’s ability to self-heal, maintain proper metabolism, growth, reproduce and properly adapt. Vitalism can be impacted or diminished by a range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors.

Some factors affecting vitalism are constitutional and not modifiable including genetic, familial and congenital factors.  Many others however can be improved by everyday modifications.  Read more below about simple ways you can promote your own optimal health and vitality.

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#7 Why-Detox

Rose Essential Oil for Stress Relief 

by Dorota Lombardi
April 2021

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers and scents known to man. It is a very full, flowery and powdery scent that for centuries has been admired as the flower to resemble beauty, passion, love and youth in many countries. Today, we use it more for its health-promoting properties, such as a relaxing base for a bath or an antioxidant to relax the skin and muscles. Rose also has that silent and unique quality that helps you to feel more comfortable in a way that sometimes you cannot explain. Why is that?

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