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We are a full service clinic with a team of experienced and highly capable healthcare practitioners ready to help you.  All clinic practitioners are extremely passionate about patient care and we use the most up-to-date assessments and treatment plans.  Read on about our clinic services, healthcare practitioners and naturopathic treatment plans by clicking on the related link. If you have any questions, we welcome you to ask them by calling, emailing or submitting your question on our contact form.

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IV Vitamin Drips

KIH offers a comfortable IV lounge where patients may receive a variety of intravenous vitamin treatments. IV vitamin drips are an innovative treatment where vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are supplied directly into the blood stream through an intravenous drip. It is a safe and effective treatment that supports the resolution of many health problems including frequent infections, fatigue and stress and anxiety. 
Read about our specific drip formula's to decide which is best for you!


Order Your Supplements Online

We have streamlined our clinic operations allowing you to access our dispensary as easily as possible.  If you need to replenish any of your supplements, just place your order below and they will be shipped out within days:  


How We Can Help You

We have accumulated a wealth of useful information about how we approach treating some of the most common health concerns.  Read on about your specific condition(s) and the associated treatments we have available. We are here to help you work through whatever concern is keeping you from achieving your greatest health. 

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Clinic News and Health Tips

When was your last health maintenance check up?  And when was your last blood work up ordered and reviewed with you in detail?  Sadly, it seems like these important health maintenance checks are no longer a regular occurrence. It's time to take your health into your own hands.   Find your way to optimal health with the help of one of our Naturopathic Doctors.  Read our latest blog about how we can help you navigate your health services in the midst of a changing healthcare system.   Take charge and be your own health advocate!   


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