B12 Injections


If your B12 levels are low you may be anemic, feel tired or losing more hair then before.  You can increase your B12 levels by taking B12 capsules orally in a capsule or sublingual form.  If you take a B12 supplement, be sure to take the healthiest forms (i.e. hydrox or methylcobalomin). A different cofactor often used in supplements and/or B12 shots is cyano-cobalamin (i.e. a cyanide cofactor). Cyanide is a heavy metal and therefore it is not ideal to ingest it daily, even in small amounts. This form is often used however since it has a longer shelf life and is less expensive.

Absorption is maximized and thus levels can increase more quickly when B12 is administered intramuscularly (i.e. with a B12 shot).  This way, the B12 enters the local circulating, bypassing the entire digestive system.  The only forms of B12 used by KIH practitioners are hydrox or methyl-cobalamin.

KIH Naturopathic Doctors who do B12 shots:   

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Dr Polina Mak, ND      Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND