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Pure Cleanse Program 

beautiful-facial-expression-gorgeous-1076811Our program is VERY DIFFERENT from Detox Kits...How you ask?

  • No two people are the same! So understandably one cleanse does not fit all. We carefully assess each person and apply the best detox plan based on your main concerns, personal history, activity levels and current level of health.

  • Some of the ingredients in packaged, store bought cleanses can be harsh on the digestive tract and are not suitable for everyone. A monitored cleanse has numerous alternatives which are customized to meet your needs.

  • The three week program is closely monitored by a Naturopathic Doctor so that all questions and concerns can be addressed throughout.

  • Includes pre and post-program measurements including blood pressure and body composition testing to measure progress.

  • If a detox kit does not work for you, it is a waste. A monitored approach by professionals ensures the cleanse is suited to your needs.

Our Naturopaths, Dr Susan Slipacoff, ND, and Dr Jessica Cardona, ND all offer this effective program. See below for full details.

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The KIH Exclusive Pure Cleanse Program Includes:

Potential benefits of the program include:

  • Three Naturopathic Appointments

  • Complaint oriented physical exam, before and after Body Composition Tests

  • Detox product for the duration of the cleanse

  • Nutritional Guidelines 

  • Personalized liver and digestive herbal remedy guidelines

Note:  The majority of this program can be covered by most private insurance plans. Check yours for details.

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