Immune Wellness

Does it seem like you're constantly getting sick? Or can it take forever to get over an infection once it sets in?

Balance within the body is KEY!

Your immune system has a strong impact on the way you respond to a virus or bacterial infection. Therefore, it makes sense to focus your efforts on boosting your immune system so that you can prevent an infection from happening in the first place.

How we can help...

The KIH Immune Wellness Program will help you to achieve optimal health from the inside out.  The program offers an individualized assessment coupled with wholesome nutrition, immune balancing botanicals and /or vitamin-mineral combo's and lifesytle modifications. 

The Result?  Safe and effective personalized care that supports a strong immune system and speedy transition to better health.

Learn How To Strengthen Your Immune System So That You Get Sick Less And Shorten Your Recovery Time By Reading More Here:


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Insurance Coverage
Most private health care plans will provide coverage for the services and assessments included in thisprogram. Call for more details on pricing.