Energy Revitalization IV Therapy Program

Recharge Yourself from the inside out!

Energy Revitalization IV Therapy Program

Does stress have a common place in your life or did it in the past? And are your constantly tired or never feel like you can get enough sleep?

You may be experiencing adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands release stress hormones and can get “over-worked” and tired following times of chronic stress or traumatic occurrences. These may include major injuries including car accidents, after loss of a loved one, post-pregnancy, or just even from a too-busy lifestyle without enough downtime. 

Adrenal fatigue symptoms: These can vary from person to person but they most commonly they include, fatigue and foggy thinking, irritability, mood swings, frequent urination, food cravings and difficulty loosing or maintaining weight.

How we can help...

At KIH, we offer a program focused on re-establishing healthy adrenal function to get you back to your “old” self again. Through the use of clinical nutrition, stress management, IV nutrient therapy and herbal medicine or supplements, our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Slipacoff will help you to feel revitalized once again. 

The Result? 

Safe and effective personalized care that supports better stress management and improved energy levels. 

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Don’t waste another day not feeling your best.  Fill out your contact information on the side or call the clinic to schedule either an informatory consultation or your first appointment with Dr. Slipacoff, ND or Dr. Polina, ND.

Insurance Coverage
Most private health care plans will provide coverage for the services and assessments included in this program. The basic cost of the IV solution is included in the program price - any additional ingredients will be discussed in the appointment.  Supplements or lab tests are recommended on an individual basis and will be an additional fee.  Call the clinic for more details on pricing.