Ear Bugs Be Gone!!

Ear Infection Help

An Ear Infection Eradication Program

Does your child experience multiple ear infections (or other infections) each year? Are antibiotics a regular course of treatment for your little one? Is your doctor talking to you about putting tubes in your child’s ears?

How we can help...

At KIH, the Ear Infection program is one that is uniquely designed to meet your child’s individual needs using functional medicine and European drainage methods. Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Perri, will aim to identify & remove potential triggers such as food allergies and provide immune boosting strategies to prevent reoccurrences.  Additionally, if your child is suffering from an acute ear infection, Dr. Perri can suggest alternative or adjunctive natural treatments.

Learn how to help prevent infection and avoid any potentially unnecessary medical interventions by reading more about this immune boosting program!

The EAR BUGS BE GONE program includes the following assessment and treatments:

Initial Assessment (may include 1or all):

  • A complete health and lifestyle review to identify dirupting immune system triggers
  • Important elements of a physical exam
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Blood tests:  An assessment of the immune cells, blood sugar and vitamins/minerals)
  • Micronutrient testing: Includes 18 different vitamins and minerals and tests for anti-oxidant and immune functioning
  • Celiac disease blood work if indicated 

5 Naturopathic Appointments are included which review the following treatments:

Visit 1:  Lifestyle changes may be made, for example, sleep, and other routines may be adjusted. Food sensitivity testing of hypoallergenic nutritional guidelines may be suggested.  General supplement recommendations will be made to start boosting the immune system immediately or addressing an acute ear infection.

Visit 2 (3 weeks later): Full physical examination, follow up on food sensitivity testing if performed and further dietary changes will be made, including the elimination of sensitive foods. Additional supplementation or alterations to the initial protocol may be made based on parental report. If necessary, additional testing maybe recommended.

Visit 3 (1 month later): Additional dietary changes and supplementation protocol (based on test results) will be made

Visit 4 and 5:  These visits are spread more apart to allow the body to adapt to the new changes on a more longterm basis.  However if acute ear infections occur, an acute visit can be made.

Total Cost of Program:  $495

Naturopath support for child ear infections

Are you tired of all the medications? It's time to build your child's immune system so that you can say goodbye to antibiotics and paediatric pain medication.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Perri, ND to have your child completely assessed. Our Children's Immune program is effective at identifying immune stressors and boosting their immune systems. What's better than seeing your child healthy and happy?


Lab Tests, Supplements and IV Treatments:
Since our treatments are customized and not required by each patient, they are recommended individually and have their own separate pricing. Call for details.
Insurance Coverage:
Most private health care plans will provide coverage for the services and assessments included in this program. 

Treating Naturopath

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