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Neurological Programs

ped_pic-resized-600ADHD Program

Has your child been diagnosed with or demonstrate ADHD symptoms? Impulsivity or lack of focus affects a child's life, whether at home or at school, and can have negative impacts on their academic performance and ability to develop social relationships. Help your child reach his/her full potential. Read more...

adorable-babies-beautiful-798096Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Care Program

Has your child recently been diagnosed with autism or another developmental disorder? Are you struggling with the diagnosis and feeling frustrated with the lack of immediate assistance? Let the ASD Care Program provide a solution. Read more...


Ear Infection Program

Ear Bugs Be Gone 

Does your child experience multiple ear infections (or other infections) each year? Are antibiotics a regular course of treatment for your little one? Is your doctor talking to you about putting tubes in your child’s ears?  Our Naturopathic Doctors can help with this great program. Read more...


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