Are You Experiencing Menopausal Symptoms? 

woman-menopauseWhat Is Peri-Menopause & Menopause?

During peri-menopause, a woman may begin to experience menopausal physical and emotional signs and symptoms, such as hot flashes, depression and menstrual cycle changes, even though they still menstruate.

Menopause is defined by the absence of a period for 1 full year. 

What causes it? Menopause begins naturally when the ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that regulate menstruation.

What are my treatment options? Some treatment options include:  Exercise, Hormone Replacement Therapy and certain anti-depressant medications. Speaking to your health care provider will give you a better understand on how to go about treating your Peri-menopause and Menopause.

Complimentary healthcare options:

Identification of the hormonal state through salivary or urine hormone testing is very useful. These methods of assessing are different then blood hormone testing because they identify how the hormones are functioning, and what their longterm status is vs. blood levels which only show the amount of hormone that is present in the blood stream at that moment in time.  These may be ordered by the naturopathic doctors at Kleinburg Integrative Health, and once the hormone levels are determined, natural medicines and supplements can be selected to restore a proper balance.  

Treatment includes nutritional recommendations to promote a positive hormone balance, and removal of hot flash and night sweat triggersBotanical medicine and/or bioidentical hormone therapy may also be recommended as an effective method of relieving undesirable menopausal symptoms. 

Read more here about our Healthy Hormones program if you are interested in our method of treatment.


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