Do You Have A Nerve Impingement?

LigamentWhat is a Nerve Impingement?

Nerve impingement is also known as a pinched nerve. It is term used for pain that results from a nerve that is being compressed from a surrounding structure (i.e. muscle, vertebrae, bone). It happens to nerves that control muscle movements or relay sensations to the brain.

What are the symptoms?

The initial symptoms of nerve impingement may be tingling, numbness, burning sensation or shooting pains down the buttocks and legs or in the neck, shoulders, arms and fingers.

What are my treatment options? 

Conventional approaches:

These include anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Unfortunately there are many side effectsassociated with these types of medications. They can lead to nausea, diarrhea and extreme digestive upset. Another issue with choosing this method of treatment is that since medications only mask the pain (not cure it) and eliminate the painful message from the brain, people are more prone to overuse their affected muscles or areas of pain. Eventually this leads to further injury and thus further progression of the painful process.

Complimentary Healthcare Options:

These include natural supplements and therapies such as laser therapy with a chiropractor, rehabilitation exercises, work modifications, IMS (intramuscular stimulation) and medical acupuncture with electro-stimulation with a naturopath or specially licensed chiroprator, massage therapy, active release therapy and/or hydrotherapy techniques.

The goal of these therapies are to correct the issue that caused the impingment and nerve pain to happen in the first place.


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