The Cold and Flu Season is Back!                                                         

Does it feel like you're always fighting something? 

anh-nguyen-515149-unsplashHow you respond to a an infection is based on the strength of your immune system. Therefore, it makes sense to focus your efforts on boosting this system especially during the winter months when colds and flu rates are at their peak. With a complete and thorough assessment, the naturopathic doctors at KIH clinic will get you started on a plan that encompasses wholesome nutrition, supplements and beneficial lifestyle modifications.

Want more protection this season but would rather receive care, vs. making lifestyle modifications and taking supplements? Then see below for the immune related treatments available through the KIH Naturopathic Dr's.

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Immune Care Plan 

  • Health assessment: Includes a summary of your current health and health history

  • Recommended lab tests to identify nutritional deficiencies that may impact your immune system

  • Immune boosting nutritional advice, recipes and at home practices

  • Supplement Recommendations: Names for key cold and flu remedies to have ready for common symptoms.

  • Antibiotics?  How to restore proper gut health if on antibiotics.

  • Prevention:  The key is to prevent, we will provide you with effective methods for this.

  • Additional and optional immune related treatments: Acupuncture, Intravenous Vitamin C and immune mineral drips along with immune boosting homeopathic drinkable remedies (in office).

A healthy immune system comes with a healthy body!

 Other Immune Programs

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