Weight loss program


A 1 Month Weight Loss Program

Are you ready for a Healthy Transformation?

Would you like to lose weight, but not too sure where to start? Let the healthy transformations guide be your 4-week weight loss companion.

Weight gain is a struggle most people endure at some point in their lives. Overtime, an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to undesirable weight gain which can have negative consequences on our health. An increase in weight can not only affect how we see and view ourselves, but also affect our internal health, leading to elevations in blood sugar & cholesterol levels, blood pressure, aches/pains and even digestive imbalances.

Luckily, it’s never too late to reverse the process and start a healthy transformation.

How we can help...

This plan is designed to stimulate your metabolism to burn off unhealthy fat, while providing your body with important nutrition for overall health - helping you to look and FEEL better!

Healthy Transformation Plan Outline:

  • An Individualized Physical Assessment: Before during and after body composition tests and measurements to track progress; a complaint oriented physical exam; indiviualized bloodwork &/or hormone testing if necessary
  • A total of 3 naturopathic appointments providing guidance through the 4 week Healthy Transformation plan
  • A high protein and phytonutrient-dense food planwith a wide range of choices, menu plans, recipes, website resources and a simple exercise plan 
  • Advanced nutritional support to maintain and improve health with daily supplement packets, probiotics, fiber mix and low glycemic protein bars
  • Online support including FAQs and helpful lifestyle tips
  • Long term health guidelines which are dependent on your individual goals and health needs
  • Note: if indicated, this plan is often followed up with the First Line Therapy 3 month Nutrition Plan.

The Result? A newer, happier and more confident YOU!

If you want to get your health and weight back on track, fill out the form on the right and we will help you decide if this is the right program for you!

Program cost: $500

Most private health care plans offer coverage for the services included in this plan. 

Supplements and lab tests are a separate fee.  Lab tests are not always required and recommended solely on an individual bases. They are claimable by most insurance plans. 

Treating Naturopaths


Dr. Jessica Cardona, ND





Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND