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Disease Prevention

Many people visit health and wellness centres not just to treat current health concerns, but also to find out how they can prevent disease and increase their overall number of healthy years.

Important considerations include the following:

  • REST:  Getting enough sleep, taking regular vacations or time away from work

  • COPING: Employing effective stress management and coping strategies. Ideally this should include some form of exercise

  • LOVE: Spending quality time with loved ones including family and friends

  • SCREENING: Getting yearly blood work done as well as screening tests at the recommended time intervals

  • NUTRITION: Practicing "concious eating" and making healthy food choices vs. eating on the run which inevitably results in poor choices

  • HEALTHCARE: Including a healthcare practitioner in your team of doctors that employs preventative medicine strategies in their practice

What do preventative medicine strategies include?

These vary depending on the person and their health goals, however at Kleinburg Integrative Health they can include one or more of the following:

  • Food sensitivity testing and nutritional profiling (vitamin, mineral and antioxidant level testing) to determine which foods and nutritional plan are best suited to ones needs

  • Salivary hormone testing for males and females going through hormonal changes

  • Stress hormone testing to assess the possible long term affects of a busy lifestyle on ones adrenal (stress) glands

  • Heavy metal testing (blood or urine) to assess the short and long term effects from exposure to chemicals and pollutents in the workplace or your home

It is often best to do these tests when you are healthy because it provides a baseline for later comparison; however they can be performed at any time.

If stress is a factor in your life and you lack vital coping and grounding skills to manage that stress, consider seeing a trained health care practitioner such as a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist. They will provide you with support and strategies to help you manage this stress better. From what we have seen at the clinic, stress is one of the top causes for our patients health concerns. From back and neck pain due to muscle tension, to heart concerns, to digestive complaints like irritable bowel syndrome, to anxiety and insomnia, stress is a major factor with them all. All of the symptoms that result from this stress can be managed naturally by any of the KIH practitioners. Learn how to control your stress before it controls you!

If optimizing your health and ensuring that it is the best it can be for many years to come is a priority, come visit us at Kleinburg Integrative Health Clinic. We are located in right in the heart of the Kleinburg village. 

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