The H1N1 Vaccine, Make An Informed Decision!

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
November 2009, article written for the general public

"To help shed light and eliminate the confusion, a summary of the most current and up-to-date information and statistics available is provided. It is believed that the best prevention is maintaining good health and doing your part to stop the spread of infection. This information package also includes ways to prevent the risk of infection and ways that you can boost your immunity naturally Ð whether you decide to, or not to be vaccinated... Read More »

Treating the Whole Person from a Structural Perspective

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
June 2009 issue of the CAND VitalLink - Treating the Whole

"Physical motion is a fundamental aspect of human existence. The question of why we are here may perplex humankind forever. However, from a musculoskeletal standpoint it is much more apparent: we are here to move. Proper movement must occur at all levels - from the ability to walk and run, right down to the correct interplay between each vertebral articulation...Read More »

Nutrition for Optimal Sport Performance

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
Scrum Magazine, Spring 2009 issue

"Nutrition is an integral part of any high-level sports training program. Just as a sport-specific fitness routine is essential for keeping your body in tip-top form, so is the nutrition that fuels this exercise. There are specific vitamins and food substances that should be included in your diet to promote optimal sport execution. These nutritional supplements can also help to reduce inflammation from injuries, ensuring a speedier recovery...Read More »

Detoxifying for Optimal Health

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
Life Balance, 2008 Summer Issue 

"You spring clean your house once a year; change the oil in your car every few months; take out the garbage every week; and most likely, you shower everyday. People are very accustomed to following a routine of regularly cleaning out the clutter in their life – so for the most part, things on the outside look pretty good...Read More »

A Natural Approach to Treating Pain and Inflammation

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
Natural Living Magazine, February 2008

"Ailments related to pain and inflammation are experienced by millions of people at various times during their lives. These ailments can be the result of arthritis, sports injuries or occupational associated injuries. This article will review causes, as well as provide various treatments and techniques that can be used to alleviate pain and inflammation naturally...Read More »

Top Strategies to Stronger Immunity

Dr. Susan Slipacoff B.Kin, ND
Caledon Enterprise Newspaper, Fall 2007

"As the warmth of summer turns into the brisker temperatures of fall, you know what’s around the corner: cold and flu season. As such, there’s no better time to be proactive about your health. Your immune system needs strengthening. The following are ways to accomplish this: Use fresh garlic for seasoning – Garlic is rich in antioxidants and can also increase production of natural killer cells ...Read More »

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